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Zen Massage & Yoga Class Descriptions

Intro To Budokon:

Budokon is a newer practice that blends the ancient mind-body practices of yoga and martial arts into a program that promotes strength conditioning, agility, mindful meditation, and self-empowerment. The primary focus is the development of physical prowess, emotional intelligence, fierce courage and character. Meaning "way of the spiritual warrior" in Japanese, Budokon is essentially a fluid, and organic way of returning the body to a natural, instinctive and super-fit state. There are seven sections to the Budokon Yoga Primary Series, and in this class, you will be introduced to the basics of Budokon movement, eventually learning each section and stringing them together with fluid dance-like transitions. All Levels-75 Minute Class

Take It To the WALL:

Yoga at the wall is for all levels of students. The wall creates a unique yoga session that’s both fun and enlightening. The wall reminds and cues us into proper alignment while providing security and support. The wall allows increased alignment of the spine, pelvis and shoulders, while nurturing opening. All Levels-60 Minute Class

Yin Restorative:

In this class, we never leave the floor...or the wall. It includes deep flexibility, sometimes with props, and asanas (postures) that will help the body completely relax and let go. Yin/Restorative postures are done more slowly and held for slightly longer periods of time than in a more "yang" or dynamic, practice. These longer holds, or stretches, help to release and lengthen the connective tissue more deeply and therefore are a great compliment to everything else we do. So, whether your goal is to increase mobility, sleep more deeply, or leap tall buildings in a single bound, this class is for you!! Beginners & All Levels-75 Minute Class

Strong Flow Vinyasa:

A dynamic flow that focuses on breath and movement. The sequences may move quickly or, be held for longer periods of time, generating heat within the body. Expect challenging asanas, including some inversions, followed by deep flexibility and of course, savasana. All Levels-75 Minute Class

Core Power & Balance:

This class will keep you moving, sweating, breathing! True to its name, Core Power & Balance focuses on building and engaging your strength while relying on your breath flow as you blissfully glide through a vigorous & thoughtful core power & balance sequence of postures. Set to energizing music, this class strengthens, balances, detoxifies and exhilarates the body and mind. A true blend of balance, core strengthening and flexibility asanas, this class will be sure to leave you feeling stronger. All Levels-60 Minute Class

Power Flow:

This is a great energy building class, combining balance, strength and breath work. Flowing through vinyasas with a focus on alignment. This class will leave you strong and balanced, leading to a very relaxing Savasana. Intermediate & Advanced-75 Minute Class

Midweek Meditation & Yin Restorative:

A class that will help de-stress, create cheer and calm in equal measures, leaving you ready to take on the week ahead. A combination of yin restorative postures leading into a 35-minute guided meditation that’s designed to surrender your mind to all the wandering thoughts and leave you with a relaxed state of mind. Beginners & All Levels-75 Minute Class

Candlelight Hatha Flow:

This invigorating and accessible class is designed to encourage students to strengthen their bodies and stretch their minds. Each class is unique and includes breath and meditative awareness throughout. A Hatha yoga practice focuses on purifying the body, calming the mind and opening the heart. This class is taught by candlelight to allow the mind and breath to connect to your practice. All Levels- 75 Minute Class

Detox & De-stress:

Detox, stretch, strengthen, De-stress and improve your metabolism and flexibility all in one class guaranteed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and empowered. Following a vigorous sequence, you will be rewarded with stretching areas of the body that hold knots and tension. All Levels-60 Minute Class

Intro to Hatha Yoga:

This foundation style is the source of most modern yoga styles. Physical postures will be taught with a focus on alignment and breath while entering, holding, and leaving the posture. Breathing and meditation techniques will also be taught. Beginners & Intermediate-60 Minute Class

Fun Power Hour:

Build internal heat with your breath, feel external heat when sweat drips onto your mat. Power is an invigorating flow class that will have you moving and breathing through your postures (asanas). Come prepared to explore your body and take on new challenges with invitations to experiment your body in different postures. Intermediate & Advanced- 60 Minute Class

Strength and Stability:

In this class, we will focus on creating strength and stability of the major muscles which support the spine, the pelvis and the legs, and shoulders through breath and movement combined with intelligent asana practice and Svadhyaya (self-study). All Levels – 75 Minute Class

Sunshine Flow:

A mixed-level flow class that will offer you an energizing workout while instilling a state of calm. The general class is suitable for all abilities, as variations are always given and you are encouraged to work at your own pace. You’ll develop physical and mental stamina and flexibility as you sustain postures, linked together in a flowing and progressive sequence, with some much-needed relaxation incorporated into every class. Whether we’re strengthening, lengthening or balancing, our focus is always on proper alignment and core engagement, making this class an ideal support for all other activities in your life. All Levels-60 Minute Class

Breath and Alignment:

A very gentle class for the experienced, beginner, injured, or one learning the meditative benefits of yoga. A balance of effort and ease, using both calming and energizing techniques to explore inner peace. Beginners & All Levels-75 Minute Class

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