About Us

About Us

Hope Wyant, LMT, Owner - I am a Massage Therapist and the founder of ZEN Massage & Yoga . I created ZEN in 2011 with the goal of helping everyone that comes through my doors, become pain free. As my practice has grown I realized that I needed to do more. I needed to find a way for people to learn how to help themselves, so I added Yoga to my practice. Yoga is a wonderful practice to learn for self care and when used in conjunction with Massage Therapy You will find yourself happy and healthier than ever. It sometimes takes a team to keep us healthy. So at ZEN, You, your Massage Therapists, and your team of Yoga Instructors, will work together to make sure that your mind and body is happy and healthy everyday.

Melissa Schemkes 200 RYT- I'm a Florida grown yogi that fell in love with yoga 6 years ago. On the course of my spiritual journey, the universe led me to The Yoga Village where I completed my 200 Hour RYT Certification, specializing in Hatha Yoga. The program was led by alignment master, Jaye Martin. With his background in dance and his extensive training in yoga, he was able to deliver a program unlike the rest. My passion in this life is to help people love themselves and take care of themselves and I feel yoga, along with meditation, are the pieces of the puzzles many people are missing. With my fun loving spirit and ability to work with all levels of yogis, I have no doubt in my mind that you will leave feeling renewed and wanting to come back to your mat. "Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place life truly exists."

Sarah Dunn 200 RYT - I have been an athlete most of my adult life and have worked in the wellness community for almost 20 years as a personal trainer. It has been in the last decade, as I started to feel the toll such demands made on my body for so long, that I found my yoga practice, and I never looked back. In yoga, I have found a way to not only stay in touch with my "inner child" but to enjoy her every day of my life! It's not just about saying "you're only as old as you feel", it's about feeling it deeply, joyfully, and completely! I feel 58 years young and 58 feels fabulous! Can you keep up?

Penny Payne, 200 RYT I have been on a magical mystery tour my entire life. I am a traveling, performing artists(singer, dancer, percussionists), massage therapist, yoga teacher and student of life. My goal as a teacher, no matter what I am teaching, is to spark awareness, to inspire self love and ease in all that we do which then emanates into and inspires the world around us. I believe the breath is the key to awakening, the engine that propels our journey. Alignment of body, mind and spirit is the foundation for our strength. A well tuned vehicle makes our journey down the road a smooth ride.

Tina Sperico, RYT 200 - Being a massage therapists for 17 years I understand the importance of a body in motion stays in motion.

Yoga has taught me mind, body and spirit connection in my practice and beyond. I recommend it to everyone and believe it is for everyone. I studied my 200 hrs with Yoga Energy Studies in St.Pete, two years ago. I recently started teaching about a year ago and have met some of the best people through it. Yoga is so much more then exercise, it's a knowing of when to push and knowing when to let go. Being high energy my teaching style is more yogi meets body builder and I like to push to the edge. So prepare to work and embrace your warrior within.

Ginger Delisle 200 RYT- My class style emphasizes body alignment with breath awareness while promoting strength -flexibility and self awareness . I love workshops, trainings and retreats. Through yoga practice students will awaken the Goodness & healing within ourself . Our goal is to be better than yesterday and seize all opportunities for greater awareness & growth. YOGA HAS EXTRAORDINARY BENEFITS !!!

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